Dave Hebeda

Managing a career, family and hobbies isn’t always easy, but Dave Hebeda uses his excellent time management skills to help him balance it all out.

A graduate of Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management, Dave Hebeda has enjoyed a successful career in corporate finance and currently serves as the Corporate Controller for Vein Clinics of America (“VCA”). Before taking on this role, Dave Hebeda was the VP/Corporate Controller for Akorn Inc. and prior to that held the same positions at Sagent Pharmaceuticals and APP Pharmaceutical.

Various financial positions at companies such as GVW Holdings, Hedstrom Corporation, International Jensen/Recoton Audio Corp., and Deloitte & Touche all helped Dave Hebeda get to the point in his career that he’s at now, but if you were to ask him, he’d tell you could have never done it without the love and support of his family.

Dave Hebeda considers being a family man and spending time with his wife and children to be his top priority, but he has many other hobbies, including playing guitar, playing tournament poker, fishing for Muskie, and playing in his 70’s rock and 80’s heavy metal band.

Not everyone would be able to balance all of these great things in their life, but Dave Hebeda knows how to manage his time wisely and uses several of the following time management skills to help himself out.

First and foremost, Dave knows that it’s important to complete the most important tasks first. Nothing is more important to Dave than his family, so making sure he is a good husband and father that is able to support his family always takes priority for him. But when it comes to being a CPA (Certified Personal Accountant) and the Corporate Controller for a major institution, Dave has always been sharp when it comes to knowing what is most important and what needs to be addressed first.

Over the years, Dave has also learned that it is just not possible to do everything all of the time. As much as Dave would love to get work done, play guitar, do some fishing and spend time with his family, he realizes that it isn’t always possible to do so, prioritizing important tasks first to avoid being spread too thin.

Dave Hebeda also maximizes his days by making sure he gets an early start each morning, often up before 5am. While plenty of sleep is also needed to maintain this kind of busy lifestyle.  Dave is sure to get to bed early enough so that he can tackle all of the tasks at hand.

His career, family and hobbies can sometimes make for a hectic lifestyle, but Dave Hebeda does a great job of finding time for it all and wouldn’t have it any other way.